Internet Marketing Services for Local Businesses

Technology’s changed everything. From selling a pin to an airship, we are dependent over internet. Internet fetches the traffic for the online business as well for offline in some way.  Technology has opened the wide spectrum of marketing for local businesses. Many Local businesses lack knowledge about online marketing.

You as a local business owner definitely want to grow your business on big box. You need someone who understands your business needs and gives you a fair business marketing strategy.

Tony Semadeni in Colorado Springs helping such local business owners over that past 10 years to flourish their business by showing them new way of marketing and advertising. He provides top marketing and advertising strategies and quality services.


A good local business marketing strategy is required in order to increase more business from your city. It attracts more clients and it will showcase your business.  Anthony (Tony Semadeni) has served his nation as Navy officer and explored exciting countries like the Seychelles Islands, Australia, Hong Kong, Thailand, Philippines, Mexico, Czech Republic, United Arab Emirates, and Switzerland.

Tony Semadeni helps you to extend your local business by giving his expert services of advertising consultant. He gives his best consultation for advertising your business through social media marketing. As you know that online reputation management is necessary of every business so Tony delivers his services to promote your business online. He has expertise in Google Marketing and Search Engine Optimizing to bring customers to your store and keeping them back.

Tony worked Verizon to help market and grow their business during their startup years. His advertising services can be availed to set a benchmark to your local business. He is a true entrepreneur, marketing consultant who care for their local business clients to get successful in their business.

So let’s boost up your local business by his marketing and advertising techniques. That’s the way he is, delivers everything you need for promoting your local business in the pool of online marketing.


Tony Semadeni in Colorado Springs is a gem for sure

Your image ought to viably and effectively impart the embodiment of what your organization remains for in an outwardly convincing and important way. Remarkable marking takes more than shrewd logo plan. It additionally takes awesome narrating and viable informing. Amazingly made and composed substance is foundational to successful inbound client encounters. Your site substance must talk straightforwardly to the needs and hobbies of your guests, and furnish them with pertinent data they have to increase comprehension and settle on an educated choice.


Marketing your business


Tony Semadeni in Colorado Springs offer organizations some assistance with growing. He conveys promoting, media, and publicizing techniques that pass on the estimation of your merchandise or administrations, pull in new clients, and live up to your business goals. Because clients’ desires and web innovation are quickly developing, you can’t stand to let your site fall behind. Marking is a promoting capacity that recognizes items and their source, and separates them from every single other item. Portable and responsive configuration is no more an alternative; it’s a need simply like advertising and marking. Advancing your Web habitations is likewise a key some portion of Internet promoting. He offers bits of knowledge into utilizing the privilege SEO systems to enhance site activity and deals. Organizations are additionally eager to spending plan for advertisement and promoting effort in light of the fact that buyers have more disposable wage and commercial income in like manner increments. Your image ought to create leads and expand deals through a shifted approach. Tony comprehends that advancing your business isn’t simple. That is the reason he gives fundamental data to make it simpler. On the other hand, on the off chance that you like, he can make a full advertising arrangement for you.


Solid rate of profitability


Tony Semadeni works locally in Colorado Springs and has no an establishment branch, so you pay just to market arrangements, not for franchisee or corporate overhead. Nor do you pay for administrations you don’t require – He doesn’t offer pre-characterized administration crate. Every customer business gets custom key heading, suggestions, and arrangement execution. His reasonable Advertising Solutions will give your business a constant flow of leads and deals at the most astounding and most financially savvy systems accessible. Along these lines, join the different organizations that he accomplished a typical objective – advertising their operations skillfully, proficiently, and with a sound rate of return.

My #1 Complaint – My Clients Don’t Protect Themselves from Fraud and Cyber Crime

Everyday of the year is Christmas for the criminal in today’s cyber-world. With technology making fraud and scams look more legitimate, it’s upon everyone’s shoulders to protect themselves from both online and offline business offers.


Here’s my shortest bullet-point list of things to know in order for you to be proactive in protecting not only your financial assets, but your online reputation as well.


Internet Fraud

Scam artists in the U.S. and around the world defraud millions of people each year by using the Internet to trick victims into sending money or giving out personal information.


Types of Internet Fraud

Internet crime schemes target victims using various methods.

  • Internet auction fraud – This scheme involves the misrepresentation of a product advertised for sale on an Internet auction site or non-delivery of merchandise.
  • Credit card fraud – Through the unauthorized use of a credit/debit card, or card number, scammers fraudulently obtain money or property.
  • Investment fraud – This is an offer using false claims to solicit investments or loans, or providing for the purchase, use, or trade of forged or counterfeit securities.
  • Nigerian letter or “419” fraud – Named for the violation of Section 419 of the Nigerian Criminal Code, it combines the threat of impersonation fraud with a variation of an advance fee scheme in which a letter, e-mail, or fax is received by the victim.


Tips for Avoiding Internet Fraud

Preventative measures will assist you in being informed prior to entering into transactions over the Internet.

  • Know your seller – If you don’t know who you’re buying from online, do some research.
  • Protect your personal information – Don’t provide it in response to an e-mail, a pop-up, or a website you’ve linked to from an e-mail or web page.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has additional tips to protect yourself and your family from the various types of Internet fraud.


Report Internet Fraud

If you believe you’ve been a victim of Internet fraud or cyber crime, report it:

  • You can report a cyber scam or threat by filing a complaint with the Internet Crime Complaint Center (IC3).



Financial Fraud

Scam artists use different types of fraud to try to trick people out of their money. Two common types of fraud are banking scams and investment scams.


Banking Scams

Popular banking scams include:

  • fake check scams, where a scam artist creates counterfeit checks that look legitimate, with watermarks, routing numbers, and the names of real financial institutions. They then try to deposit them in banks, use them as part of other frauds against consumers, or use them to pay companies for products or services.
  • unsolicited check fraud, where a scammer may send you a check that you didn’t have a legitimate reason to receive. Unfortunately, if you cash it, you may be authorizing the purchase of items you didn’t ask for, signing up for a loan, or something else you didn’t ask for. The Federal Trade Commission offers tips to help you avoid being a victim of these scams, and recommends what to do if you have been a victim.


Investment Scams

Investment scams prey on your hope to earn interest or a return on investment on the amount of money that you invest. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) offers overviews of many common investment frauds, and tips to avoid being a victim.

If you are the victim of an investment fraud, you can file a complaint with the SEC or with your state’s securities administrator.



Charity Scams

Not all organizations that claim to be charities or help people are reputable. Some scam artists set up fake organizations, taking advantage of the public’s generosity immediately after a tragedy or major disaster. Some tips to help you detect common charity scam tactics:

  • Check out the charity before you give with the attorney general or the Better Business Bureau.
  • Don’t be pressured to give to an organization.
  • Don’t assume that you can get a tax deduction for donating to an organization. Use the IRS’s database of 501(c)3 organizations to find out if  it has this status.
  • Verify the name. Fake charities often choose names that are similar to well established charities or use keywords that elicit sympathy, such as “children”, “cancer”, or “disaster relief”.
  • Don’t send cash. Pay with a check or credit card.

If you suspect charity fraud, report it to the Federal Trade Commission. Although the Do Not Call Registry doesn’t apply to charities, you can ask an organization not to contact you again.



About the Author: Anthony L Semadeni has been consulting with business owners over the past decade, helping them understand the complexities of business marketing and brand awareness in the Internet age. Through his company, Business Checkup, he helps protect owner and business brand reputations. For more information, please visit or call 719-309-4499. Tony can be found at:

How crucial is it to check criminal records

First Advantage state and federal criminal search county and federal and state civil searches, and our patent including the National Criminal File Search provides a full range of pre-employment screening. Also they are offering global criminal search.

FBI criminal records (NCIC) are only available for designated businesses and some government departments. The security, banking and other specialised industries are generally.

6,000 to 8,000 new records covering all 50 states, with daily additions for our national criminal file is a database of more than 352 million criminal records, sex offender with (depending on the availability of access state) record 50 states registries, plus Washington, DC, Puerto Rico and Guam. It was instantly a much wider geographical area counties residences and work, and easy to check one or two counties were missed by a standard background that includes records can reveal. Our national criminal search county court file should be used in conjunction with searches. Shown below that background checks are 3 main benefits: –

  1. To improve compliance

Employers face multiple layers of regulation during the recruitment process. And discrimination issues such as the eligibility for state and federal guidelines. Such as healthcare and financial services industries, in numerous state and federal regulations and licensing and certification of specific industry officials are concerned. Failure of any of these rules, a restrictive constant for a regulatory audit or probation can result in heavy fines or location.

2.  To Safety and Security Increase

Another benefit of a healthy research program history within a group of applicants is the ability to identify potentially dangerous individuals. Drug test, and state and national criminal, credit and sex offender searches by organising, employers better identify a candidate in history and can check any red flags. Health organisations also reduce the risk of negligence and compliance with health authorities and industry events to maintain sanctions for misconduct want to check.

3. To reduce employee turnover

Our benchmarking report an overall poor quality employers to recruit sought to overcome that was one of the most common problems. Following closely behind the event-related poor staff turnover was high.

Negative Search Listing Results Cause Grief, Damage Your Personal Brand Image and Impact Your Sales

Negative Search Listing Results Cause Grief, Damage Your Personal Brand Image and Impact Your Sales


Now days, it is common activity among people to check information related to any business and individual on search engines. They trust information they find on search engines, whether it is validated or not. With that being said, it becomes painfully obvious that it is now very important for businesses – as well as individuals – to have a good online reputation. Negative search results associated with your business and/or your individual name may lead to a bad reputation online. (Have you ever “google’d” your name?)


A negative online reputation may affect you in following ways:


  • Harm new business sales
  • Loss of trust among current customers
  • Loss in brand equity
  • Increase in insurance premiums
  • Loss of insurance coverage


Hi, my name is Anthony L Semadeni. People call me “Tony” (or if I’m lucky, “Mr. Tony Semadeni” instead of “Hey Buddy!”) I’ve been working with local business owners over that past 10 years, helping them navigate the new ways of marketing their businesses in the Internet Age. The topic of online reputation is “hot” these days, and I wanted to share some insights with you that may just save “your name” and your business!


Way back in 2013 (Internet time flies faster than normal time), published an article entitled, How An Online Reputation Can Hurt Your Job Hunt, which discussed some of the facts of this growing issue for concern:


If you are looking for a job, you need to be aware of your digital footprint – the information connected with your name online. Companies and recruiters routinely check search engine results to learn more about potential employees.


In fact, 90% of executive recruiters say they conduct online research of potential candidates, according to ExecuNet. Up to 70% of employers who have used LinkedIn say they’ve chosen not to hire a person based on what they’ve found out about them online. However, only 27% of employers give job seekers the opportunity to discuss the online content that is associated with their name, such as social media profiles, blog posts and photos.


Reputation Risk: Why Is It So Important?

Deloitte recently published its latest Reputation@Risk report, a global survey of hundreds of top executives. The main takeaway from this 2014 report: the importance of reputation risk keeps growing, with 87% of respondents rating it higher than any other strategic risk facing their businesses. The top drivers of reputation risk listed by these executives were ethics or integrity issues, product or service concerns, security (both physical and cyber), and financial issues related to accounting or credit ratings.


Why has reputation become such a strong focus? Because these days it can change almost instantly. Decades ago, a company’s reputation was more or less the sum of what appeared in the mainstream media. That made it easier to control. Today, reputation is influenced to an equal or greater extent by decentralized processes on the Internet: search engine results, online customer reviews, social media activity, Wikipedia pages, and more.


Consumers and other stakeholders look to online sources for information on a company, yet there is no way to ensure that online information is accurate. That means a company’s reputation can be completely side-railed by misinformed blog posts or negative online reviews. That matters because more than 25 percent of a company’s market value is directly attributable to its reputation, according to the World Economic Forum.


Top causes of reputation risk

The Deloitte report makes it clear why top executives pay such close attention to reputation risk: of the respondents who had experienced a previous issue, 41 percent cited loss of revenue and loss of brand value as the biggest impact areas. In addition, as might be expected, the impacts of reputation threats were felt differently across industries:


Industry Greatest Impact
Consumer and industrial products Revenue and earnings
Life sciences and healthcare Loss of brand value
Technology, media, and telecom Stock price change
Energy and resources Revenue and earnings
Financial services Regulatory investigation


Protecting You and Your Company

Its no wonder that the majority of Deloitte respondents said they were making reputation risks a priority in the coming year. Of those surveyed, a full 57 percent planned to increase the resources spent on reputation management, by investing in people, data, technology, and the development of reputation risk and crisis management processes. These kinds of preparations are crucial, because reputation threats often appear without warning. News stories and scandals go viral within hours via Facebook, Twitter, blog posts, and other online outlets, so the most successful companies are the ones that are ready before a crisis strikes.


Two Hints to Protect Your Online Identity


  1. If you have specific content online right now that you need to BURY.

Perhaps you have something unflattering out there about you, or you’re also being mistaken for an ex-con. Unfortunately, you can’t simply remove a result from search engines.

The only way to get rid of a negative result is to bury that result with positive links.

Site owners aren’t required to remove it – in fact the law is on their side to keep it up. (And even if they remove it, it’s still archived by Google and it may continue to show up).

        => Need Help? Business Checkup’s Damage Control service is your solution! Give us a call.


  1. Leave no room for confusion.

If you have a common name, you risk being mistaken for someone else online. Rather than taking the blame for others’ mistakes, look for ways to differentiate yourself.


For example, someone with the name “Tony Semadeni” who is a Chief Problem Solver, could use “Tony Semadeni, CPS” in online profiles or consider including a middle name or initial or full legal name like “Anthony L Semadeni”. Registering a unique URL with your name – like – or for your social media accounts – like – improves the chances that employers will find your profiles, rather than those of someone else with the same name.


Anthony Tony Semadeni - Copy (2)

About the Author: Anthony L Semadeni has been consulting with business owners over the past decade, helping them understand the complexities of business marketing and brand awareness in the Internet age. Through his company, Business Checkup, he helps protect owner and business brand reputations. For more information, please visit or call 719-309-4499. Tony can be found at:

Role of Marketing in the Success of the Business

The success of the business mainly depends upon various things. Out of the vairous things which account for the success of the business, one of the most important ones is the marketing. It is not exaggerating to say that the marketing is the key to success of any business. A perfect marketing startegy will account for the success of the business. Now, let us look into the various things which will reflect the role of marketing in business


  • Marketing strategies will take the business into public

The first and the foremost thing which one has to consider which accounts for the success of the business is the marketing. This is cent percent true because marketing is the only one which takes the business to the people. This statement stands true not only for any single kind of business, but in fact this statement stands true for all kinds of business. This is because, marketing strategies are the one which will take the business to the people. Without which, people do not know the business, which in turn make the business a flop show.


  • Marketing strategies will make the business more success

The success of the business will surely depend upon marketing startegies of the business. Any business will turn successful only when it become popular. The higher the business is popular, the higher would be the success of the business. In other words, the success of the business is proportional to the smartness of its marketing startegies.


  • Marketing startegies account for the name and fame of the business

The main thing which results from marketing strategies is the popularity of the business. This popularity of the business will inturn account for the success of the business. In order to have great name and fame of the business, it is mandatory that people take care about the various marketing startegies. The smartness of the marketing startegies will account for the best and the unique name and fame of the business. The quality of the business can be reflected through its marketing startegies. This things seems to be simple.

Importance of Internet for Marketing

These modern days are witnessing lot many changes. Also, there exists huge competition in each and every field of work. In such a scenario, it is very much necessary to take all the required measures which will help in becoming the best of the best. For this to happen, one can take the assistance of the technology. For example, when people want to market their business, one of the best platforms they are using is the technology. Internet offers the best platform for marketing the business. People may think that though there are so many means for marketing the business, there exists high demand for internet. Now, let us look in to the various reasons which are making internet, the most demanded.

  • Internet holds maximum number of visitors


There are many means to market any probuct, but out of the many ways, one of the most important means is the internet and the main reason accounting for this is the large number of visitors. When your business is marketed on internet, it is reachable to lot many people at once. With the help of other means, it may not be possible to reach lot many people.

  • Internet is reachable to each and every corner of the world


Internet is so much integrated into our lives that there exist almost no region without the usage of internet. Internet is being used for lot many purposes. Due to the high usage of internet, it serves as one of the best means to market the business.

  • Internet is one of the easiest means to market business

The high demand for the internet as a means for marketing the business is that it is one of the easiest way to market the business. One need not take much strain to publicise their business on web. Also, internet is now, not restricted to desktops, instead, one can have internet even in mobiles. This is what making it mobile means for marketing. One can operate internet from any place, either work place or personal. Such a wide network is the internet means.